• Talks on Ayurveda by Vaidya Asvin Barot

  • Talks on Ayurveda | Health Definition by Dr N. Kostopoulos


    • Open Talks: Ayurveda & Holistic Health

      March 24, 2018
      2.00 PM - 5.30 PM

      Note: These talks are in Greek Το Holistic A.Y.M., μια προέκταση του Κέντρου Ολιστικής Ιατρικής, οργανώνει και σας προσκαλεί στο νέο κύκλο ανοιχτών ομιλιών, αφιερωμένος...   Read More

    • Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Seminar in Sounio

      March 30, 2018
      April 1, 2018
      5.30 PM - 7.00 PM

      This seminar is in English and Greek. There will be translation when needed from English to Greek only. The Holistic A. Y. M., an...   Read More

    • Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation / June in Sounio

      June 1, 2018
      June 3, 2018
      10:30 AM - 7:00 PM

      The Holistic A. Y. M., an extension of Holistic Health Centre, organizes and invites you to a 3day meeting dedicated to the Basic Principles of...   Read More

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